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Monday, May 7, 2012

In Spite Of Losing His Right Arm, Jesús F. Contreras Designed One Of The Best Sculptures in Mexico

There's a beautiful statue in Mexico that bears the unusual title: "In Spite Of". The name was given to honour the sculptor rather than the subject in stone. It happened this way: During the time he was creating the statue, the sculptor suffered a Medical accident due to a poorly treated Cancer & lost his right hand. He was determined to finish the statue, so much that he learned how 2 chisel with his left hand. So the statue was named:... "In Spite Of", because in spite of his handicap, the sculptor completed his work.

Jesus F. Contreras was a sculptor, grandson of Jose Maria Chavez, who served as Governor Liberal and I think a craft center that marked the young man to yearn for a sculptor. Stood out as the author of the colossal bronze reliefs with figures Indigenous, the Monument to the Race of Mexico City, but his greatest sculpture that can be called his greatest work is called Tout Malgré.

He was born on January 21, 1866 in Aguascalientes, At 7 years and had founded a printing shop. During the primary school Placido Jimenez, where he studied drawing, excellent painter who at 12 years was considered as a lithographer. It was so successful that its 14 years, his peers and teachers supported him in his education to continue their studies at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City in 1881, where he was a disciple of the sculptor Manuel Noreña. Completed its 17 years, was a fellow by the Government to study in the European continent, France.

Jesus F. Contreras to the time he turned 17, the government granted a pension, to travel to Europe to further explore and deepen their art. When he returned, with just 22 years old, his teacher support Noreña, together made the beautiful statue of Cuauhtemoc, which is located on Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, being in charge of casting Contreras. On August 13, 1883 at the time of casting the bronze, or ignition jet pierced the foot of Chucho Contreras.

The inauguration of the monument was on August 21, 1887, and in Mexico, Contreras established Mexican Art Foundation and as a result were two statues which are placed on the Paseo de la Reforma. Another of the known works by Contreras, Benito Juarez in Chihuahua are Manuel Acuña and Ignacio Zaragoza, Coahuila Saltillo, General Ramon Corona, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Nicolas Bravo, Ignacio Zaragoza and Independence, Puebla, to Peace, Guanajuato General Jesus Gonzalez Ortega, Zacatecas to the magistrate Ortiz de Dominguez. It is also notable for being the author of the colossal bronze reliefs with figures Indigenous Memorial Race of Mexico City, but his greatest sculpture that can be called his greatest work is called Malgré Tout, which located in the Alameda of Mexico City. He lost his right arm as a result of fibrous cancer.

One of the greatest achievements of Contreras along with the support of the government of Aguas Calientes was the Mexican Artistic Foundry, which left the statues placed on both sides of the reform drive. The Mexican Art Foundry was able to install:• The Center Statuary Bronze country's largest.• The artistic pottery workshop• Your personal studyMonument to Nicolas BravoIt opened on November 21, 1897 by President Porfirio Diaz. A year later, on the opposite side added the Allegory of History. Both works of Jesús E. Contreras.

Malgré Tout Sculpture (Mexico City) See Picture Here Popularly known to be his greatest work, Malgré Tout, is a sculpture translated into Spanish means Nevertheless (in spite of), depicts a naked woman, lying and chained. It was founded in 1989, according to the accounts of Amado Nervo, Contreras says that Jesus made the sculpture without the right arm because he was amputee because of cancer treated poorly. But historical references tell that this is dated prior to the amputation of his arm. It is recognized that despite what happened to the artist, his sculptural work continued until completion. Note that the Malgré Tout, remained for a long time in the Alameda Central in Mexico City but climate issues and graffiti artists, the sculpture was moved to its current residence at the National Museum of Art (MUNAL). Some time later Manuel Maria Ponce, composed a piano piece that paid homage to the sculptor and the work.

He died on July 12, 1902 in the City of Mexico. But Till Date He is being Celebrated as One of Mexico's Finest Sculptors In Spite Of His Later physical Challenge yet He went on to complete the statue that has so kept his memories in the heart of everyone who comes to know about His Works.

Just A Lesson For All, In Spite Of whatever Challenges You might be facing at this Time, You Can still Move on and have that Passionate Course, Dream and Purpose of Yours Fulfilled.

If You think You Can fulfill that Dream, Then You Can. Its Time To Rise above Your Present state and Take up the Challenge and Breakthrough to the Realization of Your Dreams with GOD by Your Side.

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